What is Spinal Decompression?

If you suffer from a disc herniation, slipped discs, or sciatica, then you probably have already experienced severe back pain. Learn about spinal decompression at home, and how it can help alleviate back pain naturally and easily without the hospital bills.

One of the absolute best treatments for the back is spinal decompression. Spinal decompression for back pain is possible both surgically and non-surgically. Although it is possible to have surgical decompression, for back pain non-surgical options should be considered first whenever possible. Surgical spinal decompression is expensive to undergo, and provides no guarantee of pain relief in the future.
Non-surgical spinal decompression is the alleviation of pressure placed on one or more pinched nerves in the spine. The essence behind spinal decompression is to apply traction onto the discs, lessening the internal pressure within the spinal discs. This traction helps stretch and relax the back muscles while opening up the spaces in between the joints in your spine. By decreasing internal disc pressure, opening up the joints, and creating a vacuum effect, the flow of oxygen, nutrients, and fluids is improved which helps heal the damaged discs and relieve pain.

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The Back Bubble is non-surgical, spinal decompression tool that you can use at home. Compared to other at home spinal decompression tools, the Back Bubble is able to provide a safe and satisfying stretch is all of the ways that your spine naturally moves. This means that the Back Bubble is currently the only product in the spinal decompression market that allows users to relieve their back pain in an upright and inverted position.