Medical Studies Using The Back Bubble

Ever since The Back Bubble was launched, it was important that we place it in the hand of medical professionals and doctors who could provide in-depth knowledge of how The Back Bubble works, and its medical implications. Since the inception of The Back Bubble, two published medical studies have been conducted demonstrating its effectiveness on lower back pain sufferers; one by Dr. George Sargetis and one by Dr. Michael Hubka.

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Back Bubble Therapy: The Effectiveness of Precise Traction for Lower Back Pain


Dr. George Sargetis, D.C., Q.M.E, and member of the American Chiropractic Association, has used The Back Bubble for approximately 15 years on a daily basis in a clinical environment for his patients who have a wide range of lower back pain complications.


In his study, he had patients sit in 2 different positions with The Back Bubble, and measured their back pain levels before, during, and after use. At the end of the study, Sargetis saw an average 99.35% pain reduction in patients during use of The Back Bubble, and 89.3% pain reduction after use of the device.


In conclusion, Dr. Sargetis found that The Back Bubble was suitable for back pain relief at home, due to its convenience, immediate relief, and efficacy. In conjunction with the minimal training necessary and the effective decompression, back pain sufferers could safely use The Back Bubble.


The Immediate Effect of Back Bubble Traction on Mechanical Low Back Pain: A Pilot Study


This study was conducted by Michael Hubka, D.C., F.C.C.S, and Derek Black, D.C. at the LA College of Chiropractic. The study tested 11 patients before and after two minutes of use with The Back Bubble. All subjects used a variety of upright and low-inverted positions, and were asked to express any discomfort or pain during the procedure.


The results showed that while two subjects had some slight discomfort while in the upright position, they said the discomfort was tolerable, and all other subjects expressed no discomfort. On average, back pain was reduced by 87% . 7 subjects had 100% pain relief, and four subjects had 64.34% pain relief.


In conclusion, Hubka found that just 2 minutes with The Back Bubble was enough to immediately relieve back pain in patients, implying that The Back Bubble can help patients in the general public with managing their back pain.


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