The Back Bubble vs. Inversion Tables

For sufferers of back pain, there are several options for inversion therapy at home. Much like the back traction devices utilized in doctors’ offices, at home devices like inversion tables and the Back Bubble create traction in the vertebrae, which helps pull disks back into place. If you are deciding between the Back Bubble and an inversion table, here are some factors you may want to consider before finalizing your purchase.

Inversion Tables


Inversion tables benefit from being some of the most inexpensive at home inversion therapy options available. Inversion tables function by stretching individuals by inverting them, strapping people in by their ankles. Although simple to use and relatively expensive, there are a few shortcomings that the inversion table suffers from.


First and foremost, inversion tables only have one position you can use. This is not only limiting, it can also discourage taller or heavier set users due to the discomfort of having to hang upside down for prolonged periods of time. Secondly, the inversion table is extremely difficult to use once you are already suffering a severe episode of back pain. This fact limits the maximum number of usages you can get out of the inversion table.

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Consequently, if you are not concerned about getting regular back relief and are focused on saving money then the inversion table may be the better option for you.


Back Bubble


The Back Bubble is first and foremost, extremely versatile. Unlike inversion tables, the Back Bubble allows you to stretch upright or inverted, and allows you to assume a variety of positions to both alleviate back pain and to improve back health. The Back Bubble is small and compact, making it easy to store and set up. Even if you are already in the middle of a strong back pain attack, you can easily get into the Back Bubble and receive back relief. The freedom to assume a variety of positions with Back Bubble also means that you have enjoy other activities such as reading a book or watching TV while you are stretching with the Back Bubble.


Although more expensive than basic inversion tables, the Back Bubble is the most effective and versatile back relief product between the two options.