Doctors of Chiropractic are invited to view these videos. One video shows The Back Bubble in Action and the other is step by step photos showing how easy The Back Bubble is to use.


Watch how quickly the Back Bubble’s Spinal Decompression delivers back pain relief.


Many people use inversion therapy at home and hang by their ankles for back pain relief. Comfort is often times sacrificed in trying to harness the body and use gravity to decompress the spine.


With The Back Bubble, comfort is all important. We believe the more comfortable and relaxed a patient is, the faster the pain will go away and the longer lasting the pain relief will be.


The Back Bubble combines an adjustable, inflatable body harness with a cushiony buoyancy spring to give your patient a feeling of floating in air-cushioned weightlessness. With The Back Bubble, your patient can hang upright or inverted and easily align the lower back. The super comfortable Back Bubble quickly relieves the pressure in the lower back resulting in back pain relief.


Using The Back Bubble is as easy as 1-2-3.
1. Take The Back Bubble out of the package and blow it up like a balloon—it’s ready to use.

2. Suspend The Back Bubble from the EZ Hanger, a Chin-up bar in a doorway, or a heavy duty hook in a beam.

3. Follow our simple step-by-step pictures into position and feel your pain vanish!*


We take your back pain issues as seriously as you do. We urge our Doctors to give the Back Bubble a try. Call 1-800-457-7246 with any questions you may have.

About the Designer

In 1983 Ronald Chases designed The Back Bubble ® back pain relief machine to solve his own back problems. He began by leaning on things and then hanging by his hands to get back traction and take the pressure out of his back. Thru trial and error he developed The Back Bubble. Today he has satisfied customers all over the world which include Doctors, Therapists, Movie Stars, and Professional Athletes